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Artist Name: Rajendra Maheshwari
Location : Navi Mumbai, India
Country : India
Followers : 200
Followings : 31
Joined date : 03 January, 2014
About : I am retired ex Naval Air Chief Photographer. I click any thing thru my lens which draws my interest. I take any risk to compose the frame of my choice before clicking.
Skills : Photography of Nature, Animals, Birds, Historical Places/Monuments, Human beings Videography
Services : 1) In Indian Navy as Chief Aerial Photographer served onboard ships & aircrafts in India & abroad. 2) Industrial Photo & Videographer served in Industries & Ports At present I am available for any kind of Aerial Photography
Achievements : Prizes: 3rd in Naval Photoraphic Competition 1st & 3rd prize In Photo Competition in Alive Magagine